Dora Chu has never let moss grow between her toes (unless they are ensconced in Louboutins or her favorite ultra-cool combat boots). Traveling the world interviewing celebrities and fashion icons is a long way from the life she had lived in Pittsburgh as the daughter of a solar energy professor and researcher.

An avid reader of literature and a Mozart fiend, Dora found self expression and new life through fashion and improvisation. Traveling to the family's new home, Dallas, Texas, as a child, Dora’s eyes opened with the wonder of all things Texan, and this fascination has followed her throughout her life.

A graduate of SMU, she experienced a life-changing year in Paris, turning her sights toward self growth and a passion towards all things fashion.

Her unique sense of style transformed her into a fascinating reporter. As an Online TV personality, she interviewed fashion personalities in Dallas, New York, and Paris for and HAUTURELY, and her own platform. 


Her interest in how the world is being transformed by current events and general morale led her to finding her current career niche as an Online Personality. Dora has been traveling on her own dramatic transformative journey on a mission to brighten other lives.

The joy she feels in helping others is her gift to share. Raised by a village, Dora believes we all need a higher purpose and the help of others in our lives. By bringing a fresh and healthy perspective to her Interviewees' and viewer's problems - people can see above and beyond to shine their own light. 


Dora utilizes both humor and heart in her new project, “Spectacular Chews”, focusing on how our fashion choices and food choices are intertwined.

Are We Truly What We Eat?


Not a stranger to life’s challenges, Dora encourages growth for others by weaving humor and her desire to uplift with a powerful conviction that everyone has a higher purpose. Dora has been highly inspired, and this is clear in her new platform, “Between These People.”

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