When Dora was asked to conduct her first ever interviews at a star studded Dallas event, she did want to hide behind her dress. Alas, the dress was too slinky... she had to put herself on the line. And, it went wonderfully! ​

Dora says, "Believing truths about ourselves is crucial to living life fully."


One truth is that we are Wonderfully Made by our Creator. 


Stay tuned as ​Dora and her Glam Squad meet their Inspirational Guests focusing on Fun, Faith and Food.


YOU can count on some awesome sauce with ingredients consisting of a hefty helping of authentic moments, comedy and healing practical heartfelt advice/inspiration, and scrumptious food.


Taking healing and encouragement in a new direction - we forge a Connection. Be inspired to step into your full Spectacularness‼️❌️⭕️

Meet Dora Spectacular !!!