At a young age, Dora realized that she wasn't cut out to be a scientist (like her parents who sent people to other planets); she was already living on another "planet".  

A graduate of SMU in Dallas Dora experienced a life-changing year in Paris, turning her sights toward self growth and a passion towards all things fashion.

Dora Chu loves to be on her feet, especially when they are  ensconced in sky high platform sneakers or her favorite cool combat boots. 

And, when she was asked to conduct her first ever interview at a star studded Dallas event, she did want to hide behind her dress. But, the dress was too slinky... she had to put herself on the line. And, it went well!

As an Online TV personality, she has interviewed fashion personalities in Dallas, New York, and Paris for, Hauturely, and her own platforms on-line. 

Raised by a village, Dora believes we all need a higher purpose and the help of others in our lives. 

We are all wonderfully made, unique and worth celebrating.
Dora's emphasis for interviewing is to enable her Interviewees and the Audience to embark upon an entertaining journey and come out the other end- happier and a little more self aware. 

Not a stranger to life’s challenges, Dora is motivated to create projects which encourage growth for others.  

Dora has been inspired, "To Her Own Self Be Chew", and this is clear in her new platform, “Spectacular Chews”.  

Not a stranger to life’s challenges, Dora encourages growth for others by weaving humor and her desire to uplift with a powerful conviction that "Everyone has a higher purpose".

Meet Dora Spectacular !!!