Everybody loves a good meal, and Dora wants to share that experience with YOU!  

"Spectacular Chews" pulls from Dora's spectacular chatting experiences while also offering  

Something Delicious To Chew On! 

Fashionista Dora 'zooms' in, or chats in person with her spectacular Guest. 
Dora asks her Guest, "What delectable/favorite dish have YOU prepared today?" 
But, sometimes the Guest isn't prepared to present a suitable meal….. 

Things are not as they "seam" as comedy, inspiration, the occasional drama, and fashion spice up the connection.  
Dora and Guest chew on the relationships we have with one another, yummy food and fabulous fashion. 

Will Dora be inspired to create an eye-watering outfit to match the "mouthwatering" creation? 

To Thine Own Self Be Chew! 

Stay tuned for more of Dora’s episodes of her new show, "Spectacular Chews." 

Are we truly what we eat ?