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I'm DoraSpectacular, and YOU'RE Spectacular, too❗️❗️❗️


At a young age, Dora realized that she wasn't cut out to be a scientist (like her parents who sent people to other planets); she was already living on another 'planet'.  


A graduate of SMU in Dallas,  one of Dora's favorite experiences was her life-changing year in Paris. She turned her sights towards walking a journey of faith, a passion for all things fashion, and Parisian men😅.


She dreams, eats, sleeps, lives and breathes fashion, and loves to wear it, too. 


Dora has learned, among other numerous lessons, that no man is an island- in her case- no fashionista is an island. Raised by a village, Dora believes we all need a higher purpose and the help of others in our lives. 


Dora has "worn" her most distinctive accessory- her zany character- to interview fashionable personalities in New York, Paris and Dallas.


Stay tuned as she and her team are thrilled to began creating fun content to help educate our inner critic, to not be so hard on ourselves, to not limit ourselves, to see the positive and heal from the negative. Be inspired to step into your full Spectacularness with Fun, Faith and Food 😁👛♥️👚🥰‼

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